It is just a little over a week before Christmas. How I wish I could look forward to it as I did when I was a kid. There was family to look forward to seeing; cousins, aunts, uncles, good food, and of course toys. I was a kid after all.

When I got older and understood the significance of the holiday it was even more enjoyable. I looked forward to celebrating the king who gave up his place in heaven to come to earth to save me.

I don’t know how to explain what I feel now. It’s not excitement. I still want to celebrate the king who died for me, but, the excitement of the season is not there. And it hasn’t been there for many years.

I think I am tired. Life on earth, the disappointments, sadness, relationships that are not what they could be, children not where they should be. They are unsafe, they are lead astray, and don’t know the meaning of the holiday they so anxiously await. It all just makes me tired and somewhat sad.

I long for overwhelming joy. I know it belongs to me. Jesus died to make it so. I long for a life that satisfies. I know it belongs to me. Jesus rose from the dead to make it so.

My prayer is that as we get closer to Christmas we remember that God loves us. He sent His Son to prove it. And in remembering that He loves us, I pray we would begin to love one another, regardless of our differences, disappointments with one another, and painful experiences. To love means to forgive; let it go. Show mercy and give love. This is the Christmas I long for. I hope we all can experience it this holiday.