GD1I haven’t been writing much but it doesn’t mean I have not been learning. I have been studying, meditating and observing. I have been observing my life and the lives of others. I have been participating in life or at least trying to, with new understanding.

I am learning to see the life of the human race as an extension of the life and great dance that is lived and experienced by the Father and Son in the fellowship of the Spirit. I am learning that what we experience here on earth whether good or bad, happiness or sadness, exciting, boring, or whatever, we don’t experience it alone. They, the Father, Son, and Spirit are right here with us, participating, comforting, blessing, guiding, trying to show us the beauty and joy of life as it should be.

The good ideas, the impetus to do something good for someone, to bless someone, to honor others, to love and forgive; these things don’t originate with us. They come from God the Father, Son and Spirit.

GD3God decided to have a party this past weekend. It was the birthdays of the wife of a friend of mine, and another friend’s brother. They (God) dropped the idea into my friend’s heart last week. We (the Lord, my friend, his son, my son, and myself, and many others) worked all week to put this shindig together. This was the first time I really discerned God’s instigation and participation in the simple lives we live. His participation was evidenced in every detail. From deciding what kind of party, what food to serve, where to have it, right down to helping us strengthen the makeshift table we built, God was there. And when the day arrived and the forecast called for rain most of the day along with some very cold wind, with a simple prayer (after realizing how involved they were), the rain and the wind stopped long enough for the birthday celebration to go off without a hitch.


GD2I don’t know if you can get or hear what I am trying to get across in this short article but I’m on to something. I had a great time this weekend and it was because of the Lord.

Anyway, if not, you should read a book I’ve read a few months ago. It’s called The Great Dance, by C. Baxter Kruger. Baxter also has websites and podcast that I think you will find extremely helpful.