I have decided that I need to renew my mind. I now have a clear picture of how I need to do it through the word of God. I am a slow learner I guess. I have been slow to catch on to these concepts. God’s word is the key. I now know that my heart (spirit of man) is the soil with which I need to begin work. I now know that His word is the seed that I needed to sow. And now I know that the way to sow or plant that seed is to speak it with my mouth.

It is not enough to just read the word of God. It does help and I have grown. But in order for my life to change I need to renew my mind through this process. I need to bring my faith up to a level that it begins to radically change my life. I am tired of being miserable. I am tired of feeling like my life has no purpose. I am tired of being a prisoner to sin. I want to be free. I know that this is the way. I believe this is the message that God has been trying to get me to see for months now.

I am ready to get started. This will cause me to get into God’s word in a totally new way, To use it as a tool, to actually have purpose and specific use for the word, to build the kingdom of God inside me to be manifest around me; in healing for my body, blessing as far as relationships and finances. That’s a lot of words I just put down. Let’s see if I can begin to function in what I have just written.

One of the best teachers on this subject is Charles Capps. They are both faith teachers and teach some practical application. They both have free materials you can download from the internet.