Darin Hufford
Darin Hufford
The author of The Misunderstood God, The Relationship Code, and  The God’s Honest Truth. He is a husband, father, and mentors to many (whether he knows or not). Darin has a great understanding of God’s love and grace and is a great writer. You can find more on Darin on the FreeBelievers Network.

Here is a great article by Darin Hufford on the Grace of God. Does God’s grace give us a licensed to sin? Find out as I read this article. It speaks volumes about what real love is. You can find the article on Darin’s website: http://freebelievers.com/blog-entry/a-license-to-sin Try not to let your head get in the way of this message. If you had a license to sin, what would you do? What is in your heart?

If you have never read the original article on Darin’s website, or somewhere else, this article may shock you. I know that when I read it I was a little stunned, but, at the same time, I was in a process of discovery. I had discovered that God loves me no matter what. I could be a murderer, and he would still love me. That is not to say that He is not working in my heart to make gigantic changes. He doesn’t want me to be a murderer. And the only way a murderer could change is to discover the love God has for him/her.

I don’t want to write an article here. Just trying to set you up for “A License to Sin.” If you have struggles with living the “Christian Life,” this will help you, if you let it.

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